Friday, September 28, 2007


Interesting article in the Times this morning about Piranesi, I'd never heard of him although I have certainly seen his fantastical etchings in passing. He drew from classical motifs and added a layer of fantasy and grand scale all his own.

Piranesi as designer

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Glorious Ruin

So there's been a bit of excitment with NY Magazine recenty. It seems them have decided to publish a story called "Glorious Ruins" or "Glamorous Ruins" or something to thatLink effect guessed it, Glorious Ruins. So by some stroke of luck we managed to get a property included in their little piece a pretty stunning derelict olf sewing factory (they all area around here) out in Ridgewood, Queens. I have no idea as to the nature of the content other than a forum for people to coo and ogle unusual pieces of NYC's industrial heritage AND actually have a shot at buying it.

We're pretty excited. The property is located at 1563 Decatur Street and is now featured on our website. Newly launched and always improving.

Check it out why doncha. And keep your eyes peeled for the article, it comes out this monday in NY Mag.