Thursday, June 15, 2006

quite contrary

chris and I in our rambling dialogues about the future of real estate have stumbled on the notion of contrarian real estate or a contrarian set of property values that celebrates potentiality above a glossy veneer and explores the politics of forgotten places. I think ultimately it will tie back into a core belief in sustainability, repurposing and adaptive reuse. Our urban landscapes are littered with too many beautiful ruins to be ignored.

the pan

The ever brilliant Mica Scalin proceeds apace with THE PAN a mind blowing video feed that draws on all 6 senses and those yet to be discovered. Includes elements of video montage, music video, comedy, archival footage, pornography, war footage, video confessional, children's programming, video art and squeezing diamonds from coal.


My good friend and colleague Chris Batchelder has entered the fray with his edgy real estate portal, thirtysevenfifty ( documenting the subtle search for real estate with a soul. Check him out! An excellent curator and critic both.

welcome back

hello loyal constituency, been a while. I am officially turning the handcrank, ginning up the engine and strappin the old dibfibrulator to the lumbering beast that is DISTRESSED PROPERTY. In addition to the videos you all know and love I am going to be enhancing the site with occassional written thoughts and commentary, consultative services and unbridled linkage to things that stop me in my tracks.