Sunday, August 20, 2006

judgement day

Priced at $665K (crazy) clearly it would seem, this adorable parcel of land - two tiny houses, one in front one in back, sharing a courtyard between - is being sold as a knock down for a major development. I have nothing against development. I'm not a preservationist. But I do believe these are the cutest houses I have ever seen in my entire life. 12 Catherine St. I can't help it - I've become obsessed with this odd little piece of East Williamsburg real estate.

Since I'm not in the market to buy - I plead on behalf of this housing duet. Someone make an offer. Someone buy them! I'll help you negotiate a sale price. I'll find you designers to fix them up. I know someone who can landscape the garden for you.

My perscription for 12 Catherine St:

1) Keep the outside the same - maybe tidy up the facade (but not too much).
2) Landscape the little courtyard between the two houses.
3) Gut reno the interior to make them minimalist palaces of good design. For this I recommend the likes of architect & designer Page Goolricks. (see Grammercy Park Apartment)

Am I crazy? Should they be knocked down? Leave a comment and make your case.


Blogger Jimmy Legs said...

no further info but i too was intrigued with this offering (and i don't think it's sold yet). so the secondary house is in the back? wonder what it looks like.

11:36 AM  

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